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Make A Move - Think. Organise. Succeed. - 90 Day Planner

Make A Move - Think. Organise. Succeed. - 90 Day Planner

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MAKE A MOVE is a must needed 90 day planner.

It is a comprehensive tool designed to empower individuals in achieving their goals through thoughtful planning, strategic organisation and ultimate success.

This planner provides a structured framework for individuals to reflect on their aspirations, develop actionable plans, and systematically track their progress over a period of three months.

We would recommend breaking down your goals into small, achievable objectives that you can work on each day. Dont forget, small steps lead to significant results.

By using this planner, you'll be able to create a balanced and sustainable plan that will guide you through daily tasks and activities in your journey.

Make it your own and join the OTIVATE minimalist and productive community.

Here's what's inside :

To do list section
Daily habits
Gratitude affirmation
Mood tracker
Meal plan
Workout tracker
Financial balance
A place to rate yourself
Daily Recap
Overview & Retrospection
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